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The Republican Party is synonymous with military strength and power. When it comes to national defense, we refuse to take it lying down when another country pushes us around and we don’t mince words; we strike back. However, when it comes to party politics and messaging, the Left has the conservative leadership paralyzed with fear. To avoid being misrepresented in one of the Democrats infamous theatrical overreactions, we refuse to take any risk with our messaging.In fact, our language and actions are so measured these days that it is nearly impossible to be innovative and attract the appropriate demographics necessary to win elections.

Trepidation is thwarting our ability to deliver our messages to the electorate effectively.

The Left heedlessly parades around saying and doing whatever they want, and our culture often embraces their fanatical behavior. All the while, we conservatives contently remain behind arbitrary boundaries, which are defined by the Democrats, simply because we fear their hysterical reactions. Further, we operate under an unrealistic, rigid set of behavioral expectations because we are afraid of how the Left will spin our messaging to electorate.

Essentially, we are permitting the left to define who we are and that’s disastrous. No, it is sheer lunacy! Because we sheepishly submit to the Lefts intimidation tactics, we have lost the most valuable weapon in our arsenal, which is the ability to effectively communicate our message.

Democratic ConventionFor example, during the Democratic National Convention the Planned Parenthood PAC hosted a “Sex and Politics” party. Condoms in packages that read, “Protect Yourself from Romney/Ryan,” served as party favors. From a marketing perspective this is pure genius. However, I detest them and I am outraged that the GOP is not being as creative with their marketing, so I am jealous.

Would the NRA ever distribute packs of bullets reading, “Protect the 2nd Amendment from Obama/Biden,” or “Protect yourself from a despotic government”? NO WAY! Even though it is EXACTLY the same thing, the NRA would be too afraid of the Democrats reaction to employ this marketing tactic. Yes, the Democrats would fly into outrage mode and accuse the NRA of telling its members to kill the President or shoot up the government, but who cares?

We need to quit worrying about what they are saying and concern ourselves with what we are not.

We do not use sex appeals because it is demeaning to women. When we attempt to appeal to a voter’s sense of fear, we are fear mongers. If we use the “Reason” or “Demonstration” types of appeals we are immediately lambasted by the Lefts “Truth Squad” and accused of spreading mis-truths. “Slice of Life” and “Lifestyle” types of appeals are out of the question as well because we are always accused of exploitation or using a people as tokens. The testimonial appeal method landed us in court and appealing through humor seems to be too risky. I have listed every advertising appeal method here but one. That’s not good people.

Would Coke stop running an ad because it hurt Pepsi’s feelings or made them mad? NO! Coke would run that ad tenfold and laugh all the way to the bank.


Why aren’t we running our ads? Why aren’t we laughing and mocking the sore losers? Why aren’t we transcending the apprehension that obstructs our access to the bank? I WANT TO GO TO THE BANK!! Closing time is drawing near my friends and we need to get in there soon.

We need to fearlessly embrace our culture and use it to communicate with the American voters. I am not suggesting that we abandon our values and our principles. Instead, what I am suggesting is that we communicate those values and principles in today’s context, not that of the early 1980’s. Think about it, corporations like McDonalds and Coke do not use the same commercials and methods of appeal they did in the 80’s. Why? Because doing so would be ineffective.

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike will agree that in our dynamic world, stagnation is not an option; it’s the kiss of death. Further, from our heritage and our history, we understand that taking risks is essential to success. Therefore, I propose that we throw caution to the wind and be as provocative, with our messaging, as our values and principles allow. Will they try to make us look bad? Yes, but they are doing that anyway.

Besides, it will be fun watching the Democrats run around in a constant state of hysterics. Not only will they look like absolute idiots, but they will have no time to legislate us into slavery.

In closing, I would like to offer the GOP some musical motivation. This is the greatest come back song ever! So, lets turn it up, rock it out, get inspired, man up, and implement a little marketing shock and awe!